• The Smiley Face Bag
    The Smiley Face Bag
    $14.99 USD
  • The Thank You Bag
    The Thank You Bag
    $14.99 USD

We are a small, women-owned business on a mission to make a dirty task a bit more glamorous, and a lot more friendly for the planet.


If you're not using proper at home composting methods, make sure to discard the bags in the waste (black) bin. Composting dog poo isn't easy for everyone, so we made sure that the production of our bags uses less water, less energy, and produces fewer greenhouse gases than standard dog poo bags.

Printed backwards?

our bags are printed backwards so once you pick up the poo, the design shows up – just one of the ways we think makes our bags cool. We hope you think so too!

Made from cornstarch

When using the proper at-home composting methods the microorganisms present in the composting environment break down our bags into simpler components, such as water, carbon dioxide, and biomass.

No Inner core

We opted to remove the inner core so we could reduce potential waste by 28%!

Micro Business

We are a business of 2! One human and one pup (Bunny, my Italian Greyhound). So if we don't respond quickly or you find (one of many) spelling errors, or there's a mistake best way to reach me is through my email or my IG DMs.

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